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Xyour925job Internet Marketing And SEO Tips Podcast Is all about ways to get your Internet business, Brick and mortar business to achieve High Ranking on the search engines, massive traffic and Signups. We will suggest tools that we use. From social bookmarking, Networking Etc

I Highly Recomend watching the video on the left. And Do Watch the whole video its an eye opener.

I personally Know Tom the CEO Of Markethive. and have worked with him in the middle to late 90s These are things that you can do to take your Business Product or service to the absolute next level.

Pete Balasch Jr

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My Story

I have been an Internet Marketer since 1994 95 way before Google even existed. You could say we were experimenters paving way in a New Era the world wide web. I worked with Innovators people that Invented the Auto res ponder self replicating web sites. Lead capture pages and much more. My hope is that you will benefit from my podcast and Blog Posts of my friends and I, Be sure to bookmark my site and come back.

Pete Balasch Jr