Hi My name is Pete Balasch Jr.
I am a Serial Entrepreneur; Helping others achieve success is my goal. I have been Marketing Online since 1995, made and lost a lot of money on the internet. I was Mostly a network marketer. Truthfully I am shifting my focus now to affiliate marketing / Internet marketing. We never stop learning Me included. I am not a Guru. I am not going to take a picture of me, standing in front of a Mansion and standing in front of a test drive hot looking car. Follow me in my New Journey, and you are invited to come along if you like.
I am an Organic Gardener. Like to go fishing, and I love cliff jumping, " I am not suicidal" So get that out of your mind.
I will be recommending products services at very low prices and some valuable and Free giveaways. I will not recommend anything that I don't use in my own Business. And my give away's are not some outdated eBooks.

Pete Balasch, Jr.
Your Xyour925job Guy

Pete Balasch Jr

I have Ben Marketing Online since 1995. When I first got online, I intended to advertise on the Internet because I was a Network marketer. The Internet was new and just getting started.

And truthfully the Internet was so new no one knew really what to do and how to make it work. So it was time to do a lot of experimentation. 

 I used to do mailings advertising in magazines, Postcards, and I also got involved with fax blasting. I got good at listing websites on the search engines, so I studied SEO. I got good at SEO. I've been a Network marketer for many years, and I've had some success and failures. Network Marketing Companies failed me; I didn't fail them; they either changed their marketing plan, or these network marketing companies just went out of business.

You know we always continue to learn, and I'm still learning new things all the time. I try to keep up with the SEO stuff because what worked yesterday will not work today. I have built organizations of over 18,000 downlines in the past, but now I'm going to shift into affiliate marketing, so I invite you to watch my progress. I have been known as your Xyour925 job guy.

I have owned xyour925job.com Since 2005, And I have decided to redo my website from scratch. With a new theme a website is one of your most valuable assets. I am very excited about affiliate marketing. I am going through some training programs, and truthfully it's worth it. If you're starting out, I invite you to keep up with my progress and updates make sure you bookmark my site and check it out.

Helping others achieve success is my goal.
Pete Balasch Jr


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