The Genius App Review

What is The Genius App? and how can it benefit you
and your business. 

I Hope you will Like my The Genius App review

First of all You all have heard the saying there is money on your list. And it's so true, but with We The Genius App, your whole list is comprised of buyers only.

People with a Real Email a Real Credit Debit Card that has bought in the last 3 Minutes.

What kind of list would that look like? Most Folks have a List of freebee seekers. What kind of list benefits you the most? Of Course, a List of Buyers.

The great thing about The Genius App is that your list will build not only with your efforts but the efforts of the folks that also Build.

It is a Two-Tier affiliate program; you will only be mailed by only two people. How nice is that? and if their emails are not benefiting to you
Then you can unsubscribe from there list.

And your list is of Buyers Only with Credit Card in Hand.

I want to keep this simple, but if you do the math, you can make a lot of money here.

Would a List Of Buyers, Entrepreneurs Do great things for your business? You bet it will.

Join My Team I will Personally work with you.

Need help with setting up an autoresponder? I will help you with That also. My Contact info is Below.

Your Money Worries are Over

And if it's not for you, then it's not for you.
You will be amazed if you truly give it a go.

Click On The Graphic Below and Start your The Genius App
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The Genius App

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P.S Here is a Great Traffic Source of tier one
traffic its real traffic, not the Cheap Worthless
Traffic the Real Deal.

Content is King That’s What They Say

Who said"Content is King"?
It was in a article of the same title back in 1996.

Back then, Microsoft® dominated the software world, Yahoo! dominated the search Earth, and Google had been just a twinkle in the eyes of both Messrs Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

So here we are, somewhere in the middle of 2020. More than twenty four decades have passed since that defining article. Microsoft® has failed to capitalize on the chances also Yahoo! has ingloriously lost its search-crown into a more powerful rival it once wished to buy.

In view of this, does Bill Gates' remark that Content is King apply?
Regardless of the aforementioned quotation being among the one most overused and misapplied phrases in commercial online history, some surprising variety of business pundits are now beginning to argue that Content isn't in reality King, and that the actual crown belongs to Inbound Links geared towards small-scale e-commerce sites... simple on the content, heavy on the sales.

Really, extensive research over the search market-sector has demonstrated that while high-quality content may play a part in the struggle it will not by itself make a great deal of money. What tends to earn money are sales-orientated web pages, with lots of product photographs, big text, voice like Save Extra Free & $ $ $, and a enormous Purchase Now Button.

Is your Content Flame about to be extinguished by a Hard-Selling Internet 3.0?

Nicely... Before you throw away all that text that you painstakingly wrote because somebody told you king, there are a couple of things that you will need to think about.

Where do most visitors to any site that is actually come from? Oddly enough, Google Inc. wants to give its users exactly what they're searching for, because everybody at Google knows that the search-leviathan's monstrous market-share ultimately is determined by keeping customers happy, and returning to get more. They might only defect to Bing/Live/MSN, or whatever the thing occurs to be called now, if it doesn't keep its customers satisfied.

Google needs to yield highly relevant search results for each and every query. And, once again, that where material comes in. Content equals. It provides Google what it craves, the information to satisfy its users. It is an easy fact that, out of the signals Google uses to evaluate the relevance of a web page to any specific question, the quality of its text material happens to be among the most crucial ones. After the searcher looks for Roofing in Omaha NE, Google tries to match this expression with the informative and most applicable web pages in its index. So while some SEM specialist may tell you in words * that content is inconsequential, the simple fact remains that Content is King.

So what exactly do the countless people using Google need? Unless you are Microsoft, and you have a large enough budget to get your new-old search engine to Fox News' commercial breaks every five minutes, the majority of the visitors you are very likely to get will probably come through search engines , just one search engine actually. And it is not Bing. They need advice. Their objective may be to buy however they need to understand what it is, how it works, and why they should get it from you rather than Amazon before they hand over the money.

And that is precisely where content comes in. That's correct... So what exactly does Google actually want? Firstly, where do many traffic to any website come from? Your visitor is informed by content it conveys your site's reputability. And if you structured, and written your content right, in addition, it gives your visitor a load of thoughts how he or she is able to put whatever it's that you're selling to new, interesting, and basic uses. In short, content is crucial for turning a visitor into a buyer.

How to get traffic to your website

We are Talking about free website traffic. How cool is that?

There are many ways to get traffic to your website.
Share your URL on your social networks is a great start, You can use your signature line in your email program if you don't know how to do that, use Google and or Youtube on how to do that. It's a great way to learn how to do things. We never stop learning.

You Have So many things going for you that you should be
taking advantage of it. 
Web Traffic

Are you a member of any forums? 

I would not recommend that you blatantly advertise your link on forums, but just like a signature line, you can link your URL in your about me section of the forum. It would be good to join forums that matches the niche of your market and website. It is a great way to participate with like-minded individuals in your niche market. Always be real about it. You are building Know Like and Trust. Do not act like a used car sales person. Nothing against Used car sales People. Be your self be real and be helpful it goes along ways. People buy from folks they know like and trust.

Leaving comments on other's blog posts 

is also a great place there is usually a place when you make a post that asks for your URL don't blatantly advertise in your comment. I read the person's blog post and leave a real comment on what I liked about there post. Be real about it, not just a comment that is short and has no meaning. For instance, if someone left a comment like "nice post " I would delete that comment because it has no substance. It's excellent to leave a meaningful comment because it will add more content to there post and is suitable for the search engines. So it benifits the owner of the post because it adds content and It will benifit your website its a great link comming ito your website.

Another way of getting traffic to your website is to start a podcast.

 Why? Folks are looking for a Podcast about your niche market, and your Podcast will get listed automatically on the major podcast networks. Podcast Networks are high authority sites, and that is what I call Google juice. What is Google Juice? Its what google loves. Its a Backlink to your site from a High Autority site. and your link to your site can benifit you for Years.

I had an SEO Internet marketing podcast, and yes, it was xyour925job SEO Podcast, and it was getting up to 6,000 downloads a week I had over 135 podcast shows. The site I had my Podcast on sold their network, and they deleted almost everyone's podcasts. Including mine

The podcast directories are high authority sites that give your website some great linking to your site. Another thing about a Podcast is that People will find you and your site that is so powerful. You do not have to look for them; they will find you. That is what content marketing is about.

Here is a Link to my xyour925job podcast Its new I will be having weekly podcasts there. Please note it's brand new, but by the time you read this, it may not be new. I hope you will enjoy my web 2.0 SEO podcast.

Here is a Link to my Plant-Based Podcast; its really taking off!

You Can Have your very own Podcast running in the net 5 minutes and its free. Another thing is you do not need a special microphone or equipment. You can use your Smartphone to do a podcast. Here is a link to there free podcast service And I am using it and why not it's free!

Also, one more great tip join us in Markethive. There are all kinds of free training on marketing and SEO, and Markethive will even pay you to learn, click on the banner below and Join With us in Martkethive. You can network with Entrepreneurs from all over the world. Join Us For Free 

Thanks For Reading my Blog.
Pete Balasch Jr
Your Xyour925job Guy

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Your Blog Content goes can ​use one of these two templates to write your product review



Add more pictures and videos in between your blog paragraphs to make it more interesting and illustrious. 
Add ​random banners of y​our affiliate products somewhere in the blog or where it ends

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Your Blog Content goes can ​use one of these two templates to write your product review



Add more pictures and videos in between your blog paragraphs to make it more interesting and illustrious. 
Add ​random banners of y​our affiliate products somewhere in the blog or where it ends